sâmbătă, 13 noiembrie 2010

Sound Odyssey

Hoist the sails of the night
Sail your ships towards the horizon of the sound
Where are your rhymes you suavely sang in the morning?
And the morning will come, again
And I land ashore in your city's mourning grey
Screaming out its wreckage, screaming out loud
So I close my eyes in sorrow and back away
I had experienced the wonders of your light
And I'm witness to your passage through these times
And there's no regret at all, it's all just fine
It's a blend of green and rain
The painting risen in front of us
While the vessel still keeps on sailing forward...
... to the ultimate star
Where your inner essence, we're told resides
Across the seven seas, this odyssey is my plight

trei ore lipsa din tine...trei inca trei inlocuite de nimic...si-o mare de agonie pentru trupul istovit de oboseala si pentru noi din nou nimic

2 comentarii:

  1. ce faină muzică asculţi :X îmi place. eu şi prietena mea rocs, le numim songs cu adevăruri usturătoare:))

  2. :)hehe,asta e furată
    unele piese le descopăr singură,altele le împrumut :D