miercuri, 22 decembrie 2010

The Window

You know there’s a window
Place where you used to appear
I spend my nights watching
Wishing that you were here

And all the hours
All those days
I spend my time waiting
For a look at your face

And I
I know that I’m hopeless
I know that I’m lost
But since the day you disappeared
Well there’s a line that I crossed

And all the hours
Were never a waste
I’d spend my life waiting
For a look at your face
I could never replace

Everything I’ve ever dreamed of
And prayed for
Is waiting for me in your eyes
In your eyes

So give me an answer
Let me make my mistake
Give me a moment
Let me fall on my face yeah

Cause I have been drifting
Now I am found
It was you in the window
Now it’s you on the ground
I’m coming down

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